Foxy Digitalis and The Jewel Garden

Brad Rose started Foxy Digitalis for the first time in 1995 as a xeroxed paper ‘zine with a combination of music coverage and personal wanderings. Four issues later, it went into the first hibernation. In late 2003, Foxy Digitalis reappeared as an online music magazine, co-(re)created by Brad and Eden Hemming, covering much of the same ground. For nearly 10 years it grew and grew. Well over 100 writers contributed during that time. It’s hard to quantify all of it. Then in January 2013, it went back to sleep. But unfrozen by the world on fire, it’s time to write about weird music once again.

I am also running a vanity label called The Jewel Garden these days.


I am happy to check out any promos you want to send over. If you read Foxy Digitalis previously, you probably have a good idea of the kind of music I covered. (If you are unsure, check out my twitter account because I ramble on about music all the time there, too). Send me an email at brad(d0t)rose(at)gmail.


Brad Rose - Editor-In-Chief

Eden Hemming - Non-Music Content Editor-In-Chief

Interested in contributing? Send us your pitches! brad(d0t)rose(at)gmail